Location: Oklahoma City - OK
Architect: Bill Halley
Build Year: 1966

Keso Clinic

Dr. Larson Keso wanted a timeless design for his new orthodontic clinic near Baptist Hospital, and he wasn’t satisfied until architect Bill Halley presented his seventh drawing for the building. Keso’s discriminating tastes were certainly rewarded with this chic piece of organic modernism that is as timeless as he hoped it would be.

The drawings in this collection include some of Halley’s early designs for the clinic.

Keso Clinic – rejected design 1

Keso Clinic – rejected design 2

Keso Clinic – rejected design 3

Keso Clinic – drawing of accepted design 1

Keso Clinic – drawing of accepted design 2

Keso Clinic – floor plan

Keso Clinic – floor plan detail

Keso Clinic – north elevation

Keso Clinic – wall details

Keso Clinic – Bill Halley stamp