Location: Oklahoma City - OK
Architect: Jack M. Graves
Build Year: 1966

Jamestown Condominiums

With its buildings of varying widths and heights, brick-paved streets, and gaslit street lamps, the quiet and secluded Jamestown complex, located on NW 63rd between Independence and Drexel was modeled after the historic Georgetown in Washington D.C. It was the first condo development in Oklahoma City and was originally intended to consist of 130 mostly two bedroom units in the $25,000 to $40,000 price range ($195,000 – $310,000 in 2018); however, demand wasn’t as high as the developers hoped and only 40 or so were actually constructed.

Some units featured split-level floor plans with the dining room overlooking the living area, as pictured in this 1966 photo from the Oklahoma History Center’s OPUBCO archives:

Drawings of Townhouses

Jamestown Pages 1-5

Jamestown Pages 6-10

Jamestown Pages 11-15

Jamestown Pages 16-20