Location: Oklahoma City - OK
Architect: Gary McCowan
Build Year: 1974

Fox & Horn


Image provided by Gary McCowen

The stunning organic modern building that housed Fox & Horn restaurant made the eatery a true destination spot in Oklahoma City. Soon after its opening in 1974, The Oklahoman called the new dining spot “one of the most beautiful restaurants in the city,” and the design was so integral to the success of the establishment that the building was included in early advertisements for the restaurant.

After becoming a variety of restaurants over the years, the 9,400 sf building was auctioned off in 1991 and became medical offices. In the May 2013 tornado that swept through SW OKC and Moore, the building sustained damage, and the old and still glamorous Fox & Hound building was demolished in the summer of 2015.

Fox & Horn Restaurant – upper level – club

Fox & Horn Restaurant – lower level – mail level plan

Fox & Horn Restaurant – dining expansion – preliminary drawings