Location: Tahlequah - OK
Architect: R. Duane Conner
Build Year: 1960

Hicks House

R. Duane Conner designed this home for his sister and her family on a hillside lot in suburban Tahlequah. The family remained in the home until the 1990s and now its third owner is completing a sensitive updating of the home.

Hicks House – Tahlequah – upper level

Hicks House – Tahlequah – lower level

Hicks House – Tahlequah – East Elevation

Hicks House – Tahlequah – West Elevation

Hicks House_east and west

Hicks House_north and south

Hicks House_roof joist bearing elevations

Hicks House_plan for foundation and slab 1

Hicks House – foundation and slab details

Hicks House – Tahlequah – Sections 901-905

Hicks House – fireplace detail

Location: Oklahoma City - OK
Architect: Robert Roloff of Bailey Bozalis Dickinson & Roloff
Build Year: 1960

Plaza Tower Hotel

The 10-floor, hexagonal-shaped Plaza Tower Hotel was the first hotel built in OKC since the Skirvin Tower was completed in 1938. The building housed a generous lobby, dining room, and various shops. While it was constructed next to the ever-expanding St. Anthony medical complex and was the only upscale Midtown hotel, the Plaza Tower never really took off and, within a few years, was converted to office space and renamed the Shartel Professional Building. In 1986, new owners announced that the building would undergo yet another conversion, this time to an elderly living center, but the continuing economic downturn kept cash-strapped developers from pursuing the plan. Two years later, OKC’s most modern hotel was unceremoniously demolished. The site sat vacant for over 25 years until construction began on the LIFT apartments in 2016.

Go here to view a brochure from the Plaza Tower Hotel.

Plaza Tower Hotel