Location: Oklahoma City - OK
Architect: Raymond Carter
Build Year: 1956

Morrison – Kerr House

Located in the heart of Nichols Hills, this home was originally designed for W.P. Morrison, but either during the design phase or construction, it appears that the Morrisons backed out and Robert S. Kerr, Jr., purchased the home. He and his family lived here for over three decades, and the home remains very original today.

morrison-kerr house – raymond carter notes

morrison-kerr house – wp morrison house

morrison-kerr house – list of sheets

morrison-kerr house – exterior elevations

morrison-kerr house – elevations

morrison-kerr house – elevation

morrison-kerr house – elevation 2

morrison-kerr house – finish schedule

morrison-kerr house – front door

morrison-kerr house – foundation plan

morrison-kerr house – foundation plan 2

morrison-kerr house – foundation plan – footing sections

morrison-kerr house – floorplan

morrison-kerr house – floorplan – master bedroom

morrison-kerr house – floorplan – guest room

morrison-kerr house – floorplan – gallery library drawing room

morrison-kerr house – floorplan – family vestibule

morrison-kerr house – electrical symbols

morrison-kerr house – electrical

morrison-kerr house – electrical plan – second floor

morrison-kerr house – door schedule

morrison-kerr house – bedroom and balcony

morrison-kerr house – balcony

morrison-kerr house – door schedule

morrison-kerr house – terrace

morrison-kerr house – east overhang of master bedroom

morrison-kerr house – overhangs

morrison-kerr house – profile section

morrison-kerr house – typical wall section



Location: Oklahoma City - OK
Architect: Garth Kennedy
Build Year: 1956

Kennedy House

Engineer Garth Kennedy designed this home for himself and his family on a heavily wooded lot overlooking a creek, and he remained in the home until moving to an assisted living center in 2016. A buyer purchased and all of its contents the home the same year and recently completed a thoughtful and sensitive restoration of the house and outdoor spaces.

Garth Kennedy these site studies in the 1950s, likely during the design process for the home.

Location: Oklahoma City - OK
Architect: Duane Conner and Fred Pojezny
Build Year: 1956

First Christian Church

Even a near-decade before its dedication day, the distinctive eggshell-shaped dome of the First Christian Church prompted minister William "Bill" Alexander to dub it "the church of tomorrow."

But it almost never saw the light of day. One of a campus of buildings designed by architect Duane Conner in 1956, the unique concrete shape with cutout arches had been deemed of questionable structural integrity by consulting experts. However, in early 1955, a representative of the American Concrete Institute convinced Conner to proceed. The interior arrangement for the 2,000-seat sanctuary also was considered unusual at the time.

Although the First Christian Church congregation dates back to the 1889 Land Run, its first building (1894) was located at Third Street and Harvey Avenue. Two other locations were utilized before the church moved to its present structure, which cost $1.3 million and employed the specialized skills of 600 individuals.

The original campus is completed by a 130-foot-tall bell tower; a circular fine arts building, containing the colored-quartz-paneled Jewel Box Theater; and a four-story education building constructed of high-pressure, steam-cured concrete blocks.

Go here to read a detailed history about the planning and construction of this mid-century modern gem.

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1956-FirstChristianChurch-Sanctuary-Dome Superstructure

1956-FirstChristianChurch-Sanctuary Education and Jewel Box





1977-FirstChristianChurch-Chapel Remodel-Pojezny






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